About company

Ing. Büro FTT (Feuerungs- und Trocknungs- Technologien) Engineering Office FFT Combustion and Drying Technology Engineering Office registered in Germany in 2010, continues the activities of engineering departments and independent firms:

1970-1980 Design Bureau of Heat Generators

1980 -1993 Design Bureau of Metallurgical Heat Engineering

1993-2000 NPO Thermal Machines

2005 -2009 Techkom-Alpin GmbH

The company carries out Basic design, development and supply of equipment for large-scale technological production.

Main directions of activity

remain unchanged for 50 years, evolving from the development of equipment based on combustion processes to the development of complete technical solutions for technological installations and workshops.

Our equipment has been operating for decades at factories in metallurgy, chemistry, mining and processing enterprises, enterprises for the production of mineral fertilizers, building materials in Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Tajikistan.

More than 240 operating installations are based on our own design and engineering developments, primarily high-speed, low-inertia hot gas generators, burner equipment, combustion chambers and fired reactors.

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Work principles

Cooperation and attraction of leading companies and specialists for work from Russia, Germany, England, Italy, Austria.

Adaptation of European design solutions to requirements and standards the customer's country. Passing the State Expertise in the country of the Customer.

Performing Feasibility Studies, determining capital costs, operating costs and return on investment.

Development of new technological processes and installations starting with CFD - numerical computer modelling of basic processes, which ensures high design accuracy and the development of new designs.